Haute Heels Value Pack _ Limited Edition

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We love and care for our shoes, but they don't always return the favor! Spray away shoe agony and aches from heels and flats with Haute Heels foot spray. The exclusive formula of Certified Organic Arnica Montana Extract, Aloe Leaf Extract and Ilex Leaf Extract is perfect for prolonged standing or any activity that causes discomfort. Keep the full-size bottle at home and pop the mini in your purse for relief on-the-go. Spray before the day and simply re-apply as needed so you can go forth with confidence into the night
  • Great for all shoe styles: Stilettos, sandals, boots, sneakers and more!
  • Helps soothe away aches associated with high heels, prolonged standing or any activity that causes foot discomfort.
  • 1. Generously spray on feet before discomfort starts - spray may be used on bare skin or through stockings.
  • 2. Allow to dry completely before putting on shoes.
  • 3. Go forth with comfort and confidence!
  • 4. Re-apply as necessary, typically after 2-4 hours.
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