Q: hi I need to know the best product to use for a low back dress so bra straps are not seen as it is fully opened. any suggestions.

Thanks for your inquiry. There are a number of solutions that will work wondrously for you. Going bra-less is the only surefire way to ensure that your bra won’t be visible. Our Breast Lift Tape is a miracle worker giving you an instant natural lift and the freedom to wear whatever you want! Our Silicone Cover Ups® are self-adhesive nipple covers with a contoured shape and tapered edge that give you an ultra-smooth appearance. I hope these suggestions help you work that dress flawlessly!
Yours in Fashion,
Fashion Fairy Godmother

Q: I am in search of a product I have bought made by your company. I have stud diamond earings . they are heavy and droop forward. I have bought clear plastic discs that I put behind them then put the metal clip from the backs of the earings on . They are round plastic discs that have a hole pierced through them and the stem of the erring goes through them, then back of earing on. !! I need to find them !!

Thanks for your inquiry! I’m so glad our product worked so fabulously for you. Those earring backs come exclusively in our Style Emergency Kit along with many other style solutions that fix any unexpected wardrobe malfunctions. We suggest you grab one to keep in your purse. You never know when you may need us!

Q: Hollywood Fashion Tape where can I find it?

Thanks for your inquiry! You can find our fabulous Hollywood Fashion Tape® at a host of retailers including Walgreens, Ulta, Target, Nordstrom Rack, Kmart and Shopko. Also, the ecommerce capabilities of our website will be up and running soon to accommodate you. Stay Tuned!

Q: where can I find Hollywood Fashion Tape in New jersey zip code 07080 or 08854?

Thanks for your inquiry! To find a store that carries our products simply visit our website and click on the pink FIND A STORE icon, enter your zip code(s) and voila! Happy shopping!

Q: What is the difference between Hollywood Fashion Tape and Temporary Hem Tape? Can I use either to hem wide-legged dress pants?

Both products are constructed of the same professional grade fabric-friendly adhesive, however the Temporary Hem Tape strips are longer in length and wider in width making them ideal for tailoring pants.

Q: Does the Hollywood Fashion Tape come off easily from clothes? Do I need to remove it before cleaning?

Yes, Hollywood Fashion Tape does come off easily from clothes. We recommend taking it off of clothing before wash or care.

Q: Is your Hollywood Fashion Tape latex free?

Yes, our Hollywood Fashion Tape is latex free. All of our tape solutions are made with professional grade adhesive that is gentle on skin and is hypoallergenic.

Q: How do I use the Temporary Hem Tape?

Here are the proper application steps for Temporary Hem Tape:

  1. Try on pants with shoes to determine desired length.
  2. Use a pin to mark the length, remove pants and turn inside out.
  3. Peel the liner from one side of the tape.
  4. Press the tape firmly to your fabric.
  5. Remove the outer liner.
  6. Apply the item to be secured.
  7. Turn pants right side out and wear.

Q: What are the best products to use for a low back dress so bra straps are not seen?

Our Breast Lift Tape is a miracle worker giving you an instant natural lift and the freedom to wear whatever you want! Our Silicone Cover Ups® are self-adhesive nipple covers with a contoured shape and tapered edge that give you an ultra-smooth appearance.

Q: Is the Breast Lift Tape waterproof? Can I go swimming with them?

Yes, our Breast Lift Tape is both waterproof and sweat-proof and should work well when you go swimming.

Q: Do the Silicone CoverUps stay put in a bathing suit? Can they be attached? Do they pop out?

Our Silicone CoverUps are the perfect product to keep you ultra smooth in a bathing suit. They're self adhesive nipple covers so they stick directly to your skin and you shouldn't have any issues with them popping out. You can also wear them up to 25 times.

Q: How wide are the Silicone CoverUps?

Our Silicone CoverUps are roughly 2 3/4" in diameter and our No-Show Concealers are about 2 1/2" in diameter. Both products are nipple concealers, designed to fully cover the nipple but not necessarily the entire areola.

Q: What materials are the No-Show Concealers made of?

Our disposable, No-Show Concealers are made of non-woven rayon tape with acrylate adhesive.

Q: The corners of my Silicone Breast Enhancers tend to peek out with my strapless bra. What is the best way to make sure those corners are hidden?

Our best recommendation would be to try using a few Accessory Tape Dots to help better secure the Breast Enhancers to your bra. Please do not trim the Silicone Breast Enhancers as they could leak.

Q: Does the Hip Hugger only come in black? I wear a lot of white tops and the black one shows through.

Unfortunately, no. We used to make the Hip Hugger in white and khaki but have since discontinued them due to lack of demand.

Q: Are you able to use the Hip Hugger if your pants do not have belt loops?

Our Hip Hugger does require belt loops to secure the product around your waist.

Q: Do you still carry Hollywood Tag Tamers?

Unfortunately we are not currently manufacturing Tag Tamers, however if we receive enough requests we may consider reintroducing them to the brand.

Q: Where can I find your Fashion Emergency Stain Remover Wipes found in the Fashion Emergency Kit? Do you sell them separately?

Unfortunately we do not sell them separately, only in our kits. But if we hear from enough customers about wanting this product, we'll certainly reconsider our decision.

Q: Can you rinse the deodorant removing sponge when it gets dirty?

To maintain the integrity of the sponge, we wouldn't suggest rinsing it when it gets dirty. We’ve recently increased its size making it both longer and thicker. This has helped extend the life of the sponge making it an even better value.

Q: How well does the Sweater Saver work on cashmere sweaters?

Our Sweater Saver works great on cashmere to renew and refresh and do away with those nasty little pills. We recommend you pre-test on the inside of the garment as not all cashmere is created equally.

Q: Is the perfume atomizer made of plastic or glass?

The outside of the atomizer is aluminum and the inside area that is in direct contact with the perfume is glass.